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5 Reasons Authors Need to Promote Their Books Everyday

November 5, 2017 – 4:24 pm |


I speak to authors everyday about the importance of doing something to promote their books on a daily basis. In order to be a successful author it is absolutely critical that as an author you promote daily. 

Here are 5 reasons you as an author need to promote daily, not just your new release but your backlist as well:

1. Authors who do not make an effort to promote their books daily will not be successful as authors. It's a sad fact of life but very true particularly in a world where anyone and I do mean anyone can publish. While this is wonderful in the sense that many authors whose wonderful books may never have come to light are now available for all to read, it makes the competition for readers fierce. While there are plenty of readers to go around, an author has to be savvy about their marketing in order to sell books.

2. Daily promotion gives authors the opportunity to interact with readers. Just to be clear I'm not suggesting that you do a marketing blast every single day on your FB page or on Twitter, but what I am suggesting is that you post a few teasers to FB pages that allow it, for example and then respond to any comments you receive on your posts.

3. Readers need to see something seven times before they're motivated to take action. When an author is sloppy about their promotion, meaning that they don't promote regularly, then the previous times they've posted the momentum is lost and they lose readers.

4. With the number of new authors publishing weekly (it's in the hundreds of thousands) it is very easy for your new release to get buried and lost to readers. 

5. You cannot build a following if you don't promote. It's that simple, no following, no book sales. So daily promotion is an absolute must. Even if it is taking five minutes to post your book cover on FB, Twitter and Pinterest.

These are only a few of the reasons it's imperative that authors promote their books, there are many more. If you need help promoting your books, we offer affordable book marketing packages. Please contact for more information.


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