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Like Time Travel? Don’t Miss This Awesome Interview with Author Sloan McBride About Her Time Walker Series!

We have author Sloan McBride in the house today! Welcome Sloan, and thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed. 🙂

Personally, we love time travel romances, and we will definitely be reading her Time Walker Series!

HFP:     How did you come up with the idea for the Time Walker Series?

A:         I really can’t give you an exact answer to that question.  I have always been fascinated with the idea of time travel.  I read gads and gads of paranormal romance and fantasy romance books.  One day this thought popped into my head about an army who could walk through different eras in time to battle evil and save humanity.  It kind of grew from there.  Once I had the idea, I wanted to find the mythology to go with it so I started researching different mythologies.  I settled on Sumerian Mythology because it had stories that meshed with my idea.


HFP:     How many books will be in this series?

A:         I will go on and on as long as readers like them and as long as I can keep coming up with new material.  I don’t want to get to a point where it seems like the same story again and again.


HFP:     What time periods are you going to cover?  Will they all take place in modern times?

A:         The nice thing about these time walkers is that there are no limits to what time periods I use.  I will pick what interests me and start down the research road.  (I actually love doing research.)  They will not all be in modern times.  Book 1 and Book 3 are in our time, but Book 2 – “The Treasure” is during pirate times, the year 1718.  Book 4 is in the rough planning stages and it will be set in an apocalyptic future.


HFP:    Tell us a little bit about the heroine in The Fury.

A:         Reese Whittaker is an archeologist.  She has a small team and they do fairly well with finds and digs.  Her mother died of cancer three years ago, and her dad still mourns.  Her sister, Riley, couldn’t handle seeing her dad like that so she went to Europe.  Reese has tried different relationships that never work out which she blames on her occupation.  She is reliable, stubborn, and takes her job seriously—including the one of taking care of her dad.  She doesn’t cower in the face of the danger.  Not that she isn’t scared, but she will let no one control her.


HFP:     What is the hero like in The Fury?

A:         Dagan is the son of the Air God – Enlil.  He has been a time walker for centuries and he is used to having things his way.  He tries to use a tad bit of mindful suggestions on Reese, which does not work.  He is constantly ordering her to do things and that creates a spark of anger in Reese.  His reactions to Reese are causing some headaches.  One because it is against time walker law to interact with the humans unless absolutely necessary, and two the more time he spends with her, the more out of control his desires become.


HFP:     Why does Celeste from The Treasure decide to be a pirate?

A:         Celeste becomes a pirate to get close to Blackbeard so she can kill him.  There is some bitterness there.


HFP:     When will The Treasure be available? Can I pre-order it anywhere else besides Amazon?

A:         The Treasure is due out on April 11, 2016.  It is currently up for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks.  You can also go to and get any of the ebook formats too.  The pre-order price is $2.99, but will go up to $3.99 when the book is released.


HFP:     Will the books in this series be made into paperbacks at some point?

A:         Absolutely.  All my books are available in print through CreateSpace (which is an Amazon affiliate).  So, you can find the print books on either my website: or you can order them on Amazon.


HFP:     I get the sense these books are going to be more than time travel romances, that they will also have quite a bit of the supernatural in them.  Is this true?

A:         Yep.  I love the supernatural.  In the time walker novels you will be dealing with not only the time walking, but the time walkers battle the demons from the Underworld to save the human race.  The leader, Kur, has a definite agenda to destroy the gods, and he’s using human descendants of the gods as a weapon.  Depending on what time period I’m writing in, you will also see various people from history. 


HFP:     Okay, now for the fun question.  LOL.  What’s your favorite desert?

A:         Ginormous hot fudge sundae with peanut butter and chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins with loads of whipped cream.