Author Interview with Gabrielle Bisset

Welcome, Gabrielle! We're so happy to have you here on In the Hot Seat Today! I for one cannot wait to learn more about you, your books, and what you've learned about promoting.



1. I notice you got the idea for your first series from a dream, do you often dream ideas that you then use in books, or was this the only time that's happened?




I did get the idea for my Destined Ones series from a dream, but I also dreamed the idea for Vampire Dreams one night.  I woke up the next morning and almost the entire first chapter was in my mind.  I quickly wrote it down, as I do whenever I have an interesting dream, and it turned out to be the beginning of the story.




2. How do you think your day job as a history professor helps you as an author?




To be a history professor, you have to have a great memory.  This helps a great deal when you're writing a series about characters who live fifty lifetimes through reincarnation. My hero in Destiny Redeemed, Amon Kalins, is in his forty-seventh lifetime. While I don't have all forty-seven plotted out, I do have to remember when he was which person and what he did in that lifetime. History profs are notorious readers too.  I was actually an English literature undergrad, with history as my minor, so between that and my grad degree in history, I've had to read a lot.




3. Many authors use vampires as main characters, particularly romance authors, why do you think that is? What makes readers and authors alike so interested in them in your opinion?




Vampires are pure sensuality, when they're found in romance and erotica. Everything about them is sensual.  They're focused on the mouth and everything oral, which is very sexy.  They are eternally young and beautiful, never aging like the rest of us. And they always seem so incredibly confident, probably because they've lived so long and seen so much.  They ooze sexy.




4. If you could suddenly become your favorite author and live that author's life, who would it be and why?




I don't know what most authors' personal lives are like, so assuming I can keep my own private life, I'd be quite happy with J.R. Ward's professional life. She has millions of fans who adore her characters and she's incredibly successful.




5. What is favorite romance sub-genre and why?




I think I would have to say it's a tie between paranormal and historical.  I love paranormal because the author's imagination is allowed to run wild, creating all sorts of fantastic creatures and beings.  As for historical, well, that's just close to my heart.  I tend to shy away from Regency, only because it's really been done a lot.  I like ancient time periods an others that are a bit newer.  That said, a well-written Regency is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.




6. If you had a choice to live in one of the worlds that you've created, which one would it be and why?




I'd love to live in the Aeveren world, where people live all those lifetimes because of reincarnation.  My characters carry their memories with them throughout their lifetimes, so it would be so fantastic to be able to reflect back on times long gone. I'm also an incurable romantic, so the idea of destined ones–others meant for one another and drawn to one another across distance and time–is enchanting.  And having powers like telepathy or the ability to travel through time sounds great too.




7. What is your favorite time period in history and why is it your favorite?




This is a hard one!  In the end, though, I love ancient history, particularly the Roman Republic and Empire time period.  The power and grandeur of the time is so impressive, and the Roman Empire covered such a huge expanse of land that you can go from northern Europe all the way to the Middle East, experiencing vastly different cultures in one great state.




8. Please share your top 3 favorite free promotions tips with our readers.


As an author, free promotion is so important.  You'd be stunned at how quickly the advertising dollars add up.  I use Twitter to promote a lot, and I try to contact as many people as possible for interviews like this one. It's so important to just get your name out there.  I also use my blog, which allows readers to not only see my covers and read excerpts, but also gives them a chance to read about what's going on with me otherwise.




9. If you could only choose one way to promote your books, what would it be?




If I could only do one, I guess it would be the one I can reach the most people with:  Twitter. That said, I'm glad I'm not restricted to just one.  I have a terrible time trying to get all the information I want to include in 140 characters!




10. What is your favorite paid for promotions method?




I have a wonderful graphic artist create banners for each of my books and I use them wherever I can.


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