Interview with Erotic Vampire Romance Author Maya DeLeina

This morning we have the talented, and very funny, erotic vampire romance author Maya DeLeina. Welcome, Maya! We're delighted to have you on In the Hot Seat today!




If you love vampires, and you love erotic romance, then you'll want to be sure and read and comment today. Maya is giving away two Kindle copies of her latest bestseller, Flesh Fantasy!




1. What is it about vampires that makes you so fascinated with them? Is it the blood drinking, the immortality or something else?



Immortality- to live forever- that theme has always been my favorite. For me, it’s the struggle that is fascinating. Imagine the gift of immortality. The endless experiences, self-discoveries and accomplishments that lay ahead are astonishing. Then imagine the curse of immortality. There is no end. How can you begin to appreciate all that you experience, discover and accomplish knowing there is always a tomorrow?  Mortality is what drives you to love deeper, laugh harder and scream louder- to live like you were dying. There is no question that the lure of a vampire is their passion and intensity, but what excites me is to consider the inner struggle they face to keep up their lust for life. 




2. If you could choose one famous author to emulate, who would you choose and why that author?




While I have many authors in this category, there is one author that stands out in my mind. She is Samantha Sommersby. In her Forbidden Series, she writes from the perspective of the ancient vampire that has a good play on inner struggles. I absolutely get lost each and every time I read it and find that I discover something new in the end. I would love to elicit those same feelings in my readers.  Samantha’s books are my go-to-stories on a cold winter evening or leisure swing in the hammock on a warm day.




3. Tell our readers something about you that they would not find in your blog or your website bio.




I love to act out scenes from Austin Powers as Dr. Evil. I would’ve said dance like Elaine from Seinfeld, but unfortunately, people have seen this in person and mentioned this in a blog. Sorry again for the mental scars!




4. Who has been your favorite heroine to write so far out of all your books, including your WIP's and why that particular heroine?



Oh, that is so hard since I embed a little of myself in all of my characters. But, if I had to choose, I would have to say Rain Calisto from Flesh Fantasy. I gave Rain a bit of my humor and stubbornness and even with that, I was able to pull off a love story!





5. What do you enjoy doing when you're not writing, promoting or doing research for one of your books?



This question got me so excited since I love to do a lot of things, but time is always the issue! I absolutely love to do things that can go from one spectrum to another- from hanging out at a neighborhood bar with friends, to shopping at an import store with my crazy pal, to fishing or reading on a blanket near a quiet lake. What I should be doing is researching who has a working clone machine!       




6. I've heard you have some four-legged pals, please tell our readers about them. What kinds of antics do they like to get up to? (Being a former dog owner myself, I know every dog has some cute ie annoying thing they like to do to get their owner's or their other pet pal's attention. LOL)




Antics? My entire household is full of it! I have a 4-year old and 2-year old Shih Tzu and just added a Black Lab puppy to the mix. He is now 4-months old and the house feels like a little zoo. The 4-year old has taken on the role as the Alpha, to which she loves to discipline the other two. We sometimes refer to her as the “Fun Police”- she doesn’t like the running, play barking or tug of war the other two always seems to want to do at 9’oclock at night. And she is so smart; she can give you a high-five or play soccer like Beckham. The 2-year old is the cutie since her eyes reminds me of a stuffed animal. But don’t let that sweet face fool you, she can attack the lab when needed. Then there is the 4-month old lab. Need I say more than that other than he is a long-legged goof ball that can make you smile and go insane all in a matter of minutes?




7. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers who want to get published?



Write what you love reading and don’t be afraid to put a little bit of yourself in your characters.  I would also say to take a good look at your bookshelf. When I did this, I was surprised to find that the books I gravitated to were from the same publishing company. And that was my clue as to where I was going to submit my manuscript.




8. If you could change one thing about your road to publication, what would it be and why that one thing?



Alright, the editing part takes a little toll on you mentally and physically, but that is the part that makes your creativity shine.




Just being able to write a story was a dream of mine, so to be a published author, I don’t have one thing that I would change. The entire process, even the ones that stung a bit, was an adventure that will forever stay with me.





9. What is your least favorite part of promoting your books, and why is it your least favorite?




I love guest blog appearances for promoting my books. I tend to have issues with live chats. I always seem to go off on a tangent, acting goofy or whatnot that I forget what I was there for in the first place! Oh well, we are our own worst critic, so maybe some of that plays into why I find my comfort first in being just me rather than hit it hard with book promos out of the gates.  




10. Please share your top 3 favorite free promotions tips with our readers.




  • On Facebook, look for group sites that allow postings and have an interest in what your book or series theme is in.  Teaser blurbs does wonders.

  • If your book’s setting is in a real town, see if there are community pages you can join to stir some interest.

  • Use your friends. My friends are my biggest fans and the word of mouth has proven to be powerful.


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  1. I read Flesh Fantasy and was surprised with how much I was laughing from an erotic vampire story. Reading this interview, i now understand. Great personality. Beautiful author. Entertaining story. Hopeful series. Thanks for the laughs.

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