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norestforthewicked26award copy 200x300Please welcome author ML Sparrow to our blog today! We're so happy to have her visit. 🙂

HFP: I see you write in multiple genres. Do you have a favorite to genre to write in?

MLS: I am a hopeless romantic, so all of my books have varying degrees of romance! I just love writingrelationships between people and how they develop.

HFP: What is your favorite genre to read? Who is your favorite author?

MLS: That’s a hard question, because I read all different genres, from YA to the classics and everything in between. I can honestly say that I don’t have a favorite genre, I do have several favorite authors though, two of which have books coming out soon which I’m very excited about: Cherise Sinclair, Nalini Singh and Kresley Cole. I’m also a huge fan of V.E. Schwab, though I’ve only just discovered her work and haven’t read everything yet!

You can find out more about the books I love it this fun interview I did with Ryan Lieske –

M L SPARROW - RED DAYS - - altered 03-10-17 -- award added 200x300HFP: If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why that place?

MLS: Oh, there is so many places I want to visit in the world. I’ve done my fair share of travelling and have visited France, Mexico, Japan, Thailand and Sri Lanka, but the place I’m dying to visit at the moment is Australia. I’ve always dreamed of backpacking around Australia and I’m sure I’ll get there one day!

HFP: What do you enjoy most about living in England?

MLS: I’m actually living and working in Tokyo right now, though I’ll soon be moving to Hong Kong, which I’m actually quite sad about since I love Tokyo, but the thing I miss most about living in England would obviously be my family and friends, but I also loved how green it is and being able to take walks in the woods with my doggies. J

HFP: If you could only choose one character from all the characters you’ve created to meet in real life, who would you choose and why?

Ghetto - Ebook Small-200x300MLS: That’s a hard one, because whilst Sin from Ghetto is my favorite character that I’ve written so far, I think I’d actually want to meet Sunny (also from Ghetto) or Anthony (from No Rest for the Wicked). Anthony would be fun to meet not only because he’s so charming, but also because he’s a wizard and I’d love to see some cool tricks and maybe get him to put one of those handy self-cleaning enchantments on my apartment! Then I’d want to meet Sunny, again for purely selfish reasons, because she’s a tech genius and she could sort out all the little glitches and hook the DVD player up to the TV for me!

HFP: Which of your characters is most like you and why?

MLS: I like to think I put a bit of myself into all my characters, but I’d have to say Chloe, from Player, the first book in my What Happens on Campus Series, is most like me. Not in appearances, the only thing we have in common there is that we’re both brunettes and burn easily, but in attitude and likes and dislikes. I wrote Player when I also had the dream to attend university in America, so I guess Chloe is a version of me and a projection of my dream. Unfortunately, that dream didn’t go anywhere for me, but as one door shuts another opens and if I’d gone to university I wouldn’t be living in Japan right now.

HFP: Inquiring minds want to know, what is your favorite free book promotion tip? (I love graphic teasers!)

MLS: I love graphic teasers too, I also love working with bloggers, whether it’s an interview, guest post, or review. Building relationships with bloggers can also be really fun and you can learn a lot, as well as being helpful to promoting your book.

EBOOK Player, What Happens on Campus #1 200x300HFP: What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

MLS: Just keep writing. Sometimes it’ll seem as if you’re going no where, but if you truly love writing, just keep doing it! Becoming an established author is a marathon, not a sprint, you have to build up a readership and a name for yourself.

HFP: Okay, here’s a fun one! If you could be any superhero who would you be and why? (Personally, I love Batgirl because of all those gadgets. LOL)

MLS: Eeek. I have to say I don’t really know any superheroes beyond the Avengers movies, so I’m going to go for Black Widow, because she has awesome skills and I love how kick-ass she is and how she handles herself in a team full of men!

HFP: And another fun question! Coffee or chocolate and why that choice?

Chocolate definitely. Chocolate is so yummy and coffee is yuck! I’ve never liked coffee, though I do drink it very occasionally if I was up too late writing the night before!

Author Bio: 

M L Sparrow is currently the author of four full length novels, two novellas and a slew of short stories published in various anthologies. Her novella, Red Days, was a winner in the Book Excellence Awards, Current Events category. Another novella, A Tangled Web, was a finalist in the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and in the 2017 Readers' Favorite Awards.

She will write pretty much anything that pops into her head, no matter the genre, and enjoys keeping her readers guessing as to what she will write next, though you can pretty much guarantee that there will be some degree of romance! 

As well as writing, she enjoys travelling and is currently living in Tokyo. Her travels are a constant source of inspiration and she has an endless supply of ideas for future novels…

Thank you so much for allowing us to interview you! 


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