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Are You Using Pinterest To Promote Your Books?



Are you using Pinterest to promote your books? If you're not then you may be missing out. Pinterest is fast becoming one of the most popular social media networks out there. If you're not familiar with Pinterest, it is a social media network that is all about images. The idea is sort of like having several corkboards on your wall and using them to pin your favorite art and images to. do it digitally! As an author, this opens up a whole treasure trove of ways that you can promote and sell more of your books. 

Here are five ways you can use Pinterest to promote your books:

1. Create inspiration boards for your WIP's. This is a great way to get readers interested in your books before they actually come out! Make sure you put a link to your inspiration boards in your newsletter, your e-mail signature and elswhere too so your readers know about them.

2. Create character boards. This is really fun! Look for photos that you think look like your characters and post them to your character boards. You can create just one board or a board for each character, or a board for male characters and one for female characters. The ideas are really endless. 

3. Create quote boards. This is another fun idea for a pinterest board. Since you are most likely already creating graphics with quotes and sharing them on other social media like Google+ and Facebook. If you're not, then consider doing so! And then pin these to this board. You can create one board for each book, and have it be "Author quotes from (enter book name)."

4. Create hobby boards. Do you also paint? Create digital art or some other hobby or craft? Create boards with photos of your stuff! Readers want to know about you, not just your books, and this is a great way to share the real you with your readers.

5. Create a video book trailer board. Most authors have at least one or two video book trailers made, whether they make them themselves, or pay someone to create one, and the great thing is you can pin book trailers from YouTube to a board. So be sure and share your trailers on Pinterest!

So, there you have it! Five easy ways to create Pinterest boards and use Pinterest if you're an author. 


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