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Help! My Books Aren’t Selling…


So, you just published a book and you think you’re doing all the rigiht things, posting to social media, telling your friends and family, having a giveaway, but…your book isn’t selling. Most authors run into this problem eventually, whether they are a bestselling author or just starting, there may be periods where your book may not sell as much or at all. So, what do you do to change this trend and get your book selling again?

1. Be consistent with your book marketing. It’s not enough to just post your book cover with a buy link to social media every couple of weeks, or tell your friends, co-workers and family about your book and ask them to buy and share your book wtih their friends. You have to be consistent with your marketing. This means making marketing a regular part of your day, every day.

2. Do one thing every day to market your book. One way to be consistent with your marketing is to do one thing every day to market your book. This can be as simple as posting a graphic with a quote from your book to FB. This way you don’t get overwhelmed wtih the idea  of all that you have to do to market your book. Also, authors who go on what I term “marketing binges” where they frantically market the month before or after a book comes out and then taper off to no marketing until their next book comes out rarely sell well in the long term. On top of being consistent, doing something to market your book every day will take the pressure off you to feel the need to go on these marketing binges.Even if you’re paying someone to help you market your book, you should still do one book marketing task daily. 

3. Have a plan. One of the things we see authors doing these days is just sort of randomly marketing here and there without a plan. If you want to sell books, you need to have a solid book marketing plan. If you don’t know where to start, talk to other authors, and book promotions people for help. Also, if you have a plan and it’s not working, and you’re not selling books, then you need to rethink your plan and make changes until your plan begins working. 

4. Use graphics. Almost every form of social media these days responds best to graphics. Graphics are short, sweet and to the point. Plus potential readers respond well to graphics, and according to studies will respond better to a graphic than just a post with words. Most especially be sure and use Pinterest. Pinterest is all about graphics and is a great traffic generator to your book sales page and or author website. See our article Are You Using Pinterest to Promote Your Books? for more ideas on how to use Pinterest to your best advantage!

5. Have a mailing list. If you haven’t already set up a mailing list then you need to start one right away. You can do this by signing up for a newsletter service like MailChimp which remains free for the first 2000 subscribers and then goes up to a modest monthly fee once you  have more than 2000 subscribers. Another option is Mail Poet if your website is a WordPress blog. Those on your mailing list are your main audience, these are the people that want to hear your news, want to read  your books and are prime for book buying. When you have a good sized mailing list, it is much easier to sell books. 

If you keep these things in mind when you’re setting out to do your book marketing, it will be much easier to not only market your book and make sales, but to keep the big picture in mind, as well as not get overwhelmed by the idea of book marketing which is easy to do.

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