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Is Book Marketing Dead on Arrival on Facebook in 2018?


If you’re like most authors, you’ve probably noticed that your book marketing reach on Facebook has seriously declined at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Facebook has a new algorithm and their intent is to make Facebook more about friends, family, and groups you’re a member of, than public based posts. In fact, there will be far fewer public posts in 2018 that actually show up in Facebookers feeds.  Based on a study Facebook determined that visitors to their site were leaving Facebook feeling unhappy and unsatisfied due to all the public posts showing up in feeds, by not just authors but big corporations. Facebook wants to get away from public posts from big brands and others, and get back into it being a platform that is a way to stay in touch with your friends and family, and groups that you’re a member of. What this means for you as an author is that it’s going to be harder for you to reach your current fan base, and potential new fans. So, how do you get around this? There are a few ways.

1. Continue to encourage readers and fans to like your author page so your posts show up in their feed. If you don’t have an author page then we strongly encourage you to get one. You can even tell your fan base about the “See First” option in their newsfeed preferences. They can go to any page they follow and hover their mouse on Following, then click “See First” under “In Your Newsfeed.” That’s all there is to it to guarantee your fans see your posts from your author’s page in their feed. 

2. Start an FB Author Group. If your fans and readers are a member of your FB author group, these posts will show up in their newsfeeds as well. 

3. Remember that likes, shares and comments will also help to keep your posts in your reader’s and fan’s newsfeeds. So this means posting interesting and quality content when you do post.

4. Don’t click bait. What this means is don’t ask your readers and fans to like, comment on, or share your posts openly on Facebook. This is considered click baiting and Facebook will shut you down fast with the new algorithm.

5. Create and post videos which will still be big in 2018. And if you really want to get engagement post “live” videos to FB, these get six times more shares, comments, and likes than just regular videos.

So to answer the question “Is book marketing dead on arrival on Facebook?” The answer is no, it’s not. But you do need to understand the new algorithm and follow the rules of it accordingly to be sure that you continue to be able to reach new readers and fans, as well as, your current fan base.

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