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What’s in Store for Book Promotion in 2018?


While 2018 won’t be that different when it comes to book promotion than 2017, there are a few trends that authors will need to pay close attention to. Authors that don’t notice these new trends and move with the times will find themselves struggling to make it in an ever more saturated book market. 

Here are the top five book promotion trends for 2018:

1. Shorter is better. While longer novels won’t completely go away, writing shorter works will enable authors to publish more often in 2018 and thus have a better chance of snagging potential reader’s attention. The more books you have published, even short ones, the better your chances are of making more book sales in 2018.

2. Less time spent on social media sites. There is such a glut of book promotion on social media sites that many potential readers have become numb to the many book teasers, ads and so on to the point that they are often ignored. The way to get around this is not to stop posting to social media, just post less often and when you do make sure that you also comment on other’s posts so there is engagement and not just random hit and run posting. Pick two or three social media platforms that you enjoy working with and spend a short amount of time each day both posting and interacting. Our favorites are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

3. More engagement with current readers and fans. This means doing things like growing your mailing list, creating Facebook groups and pages, and participating in events that allow you to go one one one with readers and fans. Hit and run book promotion is a thing of the past and does not sell books. Interacting with readers and fans does. Take time each day to share a bit of yourself with your readers and fans on your Facebook author page, send out a monthly newsletter, provide the occasional valuable freebie to your mailing list and the people on your FB groups and pages. These interactions will help readers to get to know you the person as well as your books and will make it more likely when the time comes for you to make book sales. 

4. Video. Video is going to be big in 2018 when it comes to book promotion. If you’ve seen any of the FB live videos authors and others are doing then you know what I mean. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to do FB live videos, but things like vlogs, book reviews, how to’s for aspiring authors and the like will go over big with readers and fans. But honestly it doesn’t really matter what your videos are about, although it’s good to try and tie them in some way with your books, posting them will allow readers to get to know more about you and what you like to read and write and that  means engagement with readers which is everything when it comes to selling books in 2018.

5. Blogging. I can hear the groans now, and the excuses, “but I never know what to write about” etc. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to blog a lot, once a week is fine, and you should only ever post quality content, but blogging is one way to reach readers because blog posts, especially content rich ones wind up in Google searchs and if they’re really good they’re shared. This means people going to your site to read your post and seeing and possibly buying your books. So, don’t underestimate the power of blogging in 2018. Even if you don’t have a blog now, it’s easy to start one for free on Blogger or WordPress. Just start with one article a week and over time you’ll build up a following as you share your blog on social media.

If you keep these things in mind when doing your book promotion, you will sell more books and engage with more new readers and fans in 2018.



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