Reviewing Opportunities (Updated 6.10.18)

Want Free E-books?

Our authors are regularly looking for new reviews for their books. Even if you’ve never written a review before, you can participate in our review program to help our authors get honest reviews for their books!

Here’s the rules to participate:

1. You must agree to write an honest review for the book you’re given within two weeks of receipt from HeartFelt Promos.

2. You must write a complete review. Your review must be at least three paragraphs long and have at least 3 complete sentences per paragraph. Give a short synopsis of the book first, or you can copy and paste the blurb at the beginning, if you copy and paste this does not count as part of your three paragraphs. Please indicate what you liked, and or did not like, and if you would or would not recommend this book to other readers. You can write about the worldbuilding if it’s a fantasy, science fiction or paranormal book too if you like. This is the kind of thing we are looking for. We want a little detail, not just a sentence or two saying you liked or didn’t like it. Oh, and please no spoilers in reviews.

3. You must agree to post your review on Goodreads and or Amazon (unless otherwise stated for individual books some of which are only available form the publisher) within two weeks of receipt of your book. 

4. If you for any reason no longer want the copy of the e-book you’ve been given, you may not give it or copies of it away to other readers and you explicitly agree to this by participating. Instead you must delete the copy of the e-book from your computer and all other devices.

5. You may only receive one free e-book at a time from our review program. So you cannot ask to receive a review copy of each of the e-books offered. Only one review copy to each reader/reviewer at a time. This is to be fair to other readers who may want to participate. If you read/write and post the review before the two weeks is up, that’s great and you can ask for another book once this has been confirmed by our staff. 

6. You must send a copy of your review to Regina within two weeks of receipt at regina at heartfeltpromos dot com. Those who get books but do not fulfill their obligations as stated in this list forfeit ever getting review books from HeartFelt Promos again. If you have an extenuating circumstance that will prevent you from sending Regina the links to your review by the end of the two week period then e-mail her and explain, exceptions will be made for those who need them.

Here are the current books for review and the number of copies available. Click the link to read the blurb.

1. Nothing Quite Like a Rush on the River by Sheri Lynn. This book is exclusive to Leap of Faith Publishing, LLC so you would post your review on their website. (3 copies available)

2. Their Omega by Regina Paul. This book is exclusive to Leap of Faith Publishing, LLC, you would post your review on their website.  (3 copies available)

3. Lotus by Jocelyn Babcock, the Albion, Book 3. (3 copies available)

4. Rosey Red with Blood on Her Hands by Natalie-Nicole Bates. (3 copies available)

Those interested in reviewing any of these books should e-mail Regina at regina at heartfeltpromos dot com with this in the subject line, ‘Review Request: Title of the book’ you’re interested in reviewing.